Steve Ettlinger visits Seidenberg School for constructive afternoon

Author of Twinkie, Deconstructed Steve Ettlinger stopped by 163 Williams Street during common hour to speak to students about his book and upcoming project. The event was well attended with some students having to stand through its duration.

Ettlinger started in magazine publishing and worked as a photo editor for a while developing an ability to tell stories. He then decided to investigate a different story – that of the Twinkie. Using its ingredients label he looked into all the ingredients that make up the icon treat – how they’re grown, how they’re processed, and for some, even how they’re mined.

His next project is looking at a similar sized, similar ubiquitous, albeit inedible, product – the smartphone. He talked to students about the research he’s done so far – tracking down the manufacturing of all the components in the phone, down to the last microchip. Ettliger said he wants to give readers a visual representation of computer production. The book should be an insightful read for anyone wondering just how that fantastic in their device works.

Although you may have to wait a while as Ettlinger is still working on it. Not surprising however as you can do a lot more with an iPhone then you can with a Twinkie.

Be sure to stop by next Wednesday for another great speaker as part of the Seidenberg School Speaker Series.

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