5 Things Grad Students Need To Keep In Mind For Fall 2014


Hi, my name is Vaibhav Dubey. I’m a second-semester graduate student at theSeidenberg School of CSIS, specializing in Information Systems. With a little bit of perseverance – and some great guidance by the faculty here – over the last semester I have worked as a student consultant for the Pace Computer Resource Center, a proctor at the Student Advising Center, and most recently, as a Student Assistant for the Seidenberg School’s social media team.

Of late, I have been getting a lot of questions, via Facebook, from incoming international graduate students inquiring about their experience ahead. These inquiries include and revolve around which specialization/major is the best, which subjects to take, where to stay, which scholarships are available, visa requirements, and the most urgent question – “Will I get a job soon?”  In attempts to relieve some stress I thought this would be this best way to reach out to everyone – with the top 5 things you need to keep in mind once you have arrived.

1. Picking the right program for you: A few months ago, I was just as overwhelmed as you probably are right now! But the surprising news is – it really doesn’t matter which subjects you start out with! One of the nice things about the Seidenberg School is that you can take any combination of IT/CS /IS subjects you want. Even if you get a little confused along the way, you’ve got some really helpful academic advisers waiting to help: Kimberly Brazaitis (kbrazaitis@pace.edu) and Stephanie (selson@pace.edu.) Thanks to their help and guidance I was able to take a few introductory classes last semester and was able to figure out what I was interested in, but more importantly, what I was good at!

2. Getting a job: According to the law the United States, international students are not legally allowed to work off-campus until they complete two full semesters of study (Fall & Spring). But you can start working on-campus from the day you arrive! Bookmark Pace University’s eRecruiting Site and check it frequently. I found all three of my on campus jobs there. Note: To set up your eRecruiting account just call your local Career Services office (New York City: 212-346-1950/ Pleasantville & White Plains: (914-773-3361). As for getting a full-time job after you graduate – well, with a Pace Seidenberg degree, you are sure likely to stand out in the IT industry.

3. Keep on your speed dial: The Office of Student Assistance (OSA) and the International Students and Scholars Office (ISSO) are where you go for any and all you paperwork. Visa stamping, ID’s, official letters, social security forms, health insurance, tuition bills – EVERYTHING! Do not worry if you cannot find them, they will come to you. Expect at least 2 emails every day.

4. Scholarships: The Seidenberg School offers only merit-based scholarships to international students, and they are granted at the time of admission itself. What you should look out for is Graduate Assistantships (GA). A full G.A. can result in up to $12,000 worth of tuition!

5. Get socially involved on campus: Here at Pace University there are many opportunities to get involved and get connected with others. The Pace Indian Students Association, for example, is all about networking! PISA is a professional group of Indian students studying at Pace University. As an international student, I believe it is one of the best ways to make friends, interact with alumni, get leads on internships and find the only other people on campus willing to play cricket!

I hope this helps. In case you have any other questions, please feel free to leave a comment below and I’ll try to answer them.

See you all in September!

– Vaibhav Dubey


13 thoughts on “5 Things Grad Students Need To Keep In Mind For Fall 2014”

  1. Awesome!! U have provided all the information important for an international student on this blog. Good job. Keep it up!

  2. Thnxx alot sir as a fresher I don’t know much about the field & whole procedure..this would definitely guide me through…looking forward to be in touch

  3. This is an excellent post for both new students and international students at Pace University. A lot of information for us. I bookmark the eRecruiting Site! Thank you Vaibhav Dubey for sharing your experience! Looking forward more posts from you!

  4. Brilliant post !! All you seniors are amazing. Thank you for all the help in advance. Appreciate it

  5. Thanx Alot Vaibhav for such an informative post, as a new student I don’t know much about the course and academic advisers so it would definitely help me..!!

  6. sir,,i did my graduation from commerce,my councilor guide me for management information system,,accountancy & mis has no relation ,,so don’t you think i should do ms in finance

  7. Hello Chitrank,

    The best person to answer your question will be Kimberly (kbrazaitis@pace.edu) or Stephanie (selson@pace.edu).

    Thank you.

  8. It was really informative. Thank you so much for taking the initiative and helping us out.!

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