Artem’s on the right track with his summer internship at MTA, New York

Atem Karapetyan | Seidenberg1. Who are you working with this summer? (…and what do they do?)

I am working with Robert Prophet. He’s in charge of maintaining power and cooling in all data centers, as well as building new ones. I also work with Aneudy Lake, he is the head IT professional and he is a system analyst, he sets up workstations, fixes network issues and does installation of new machines. The last person I work with is John Rubino, he is the Sr.Project Manager for Security in the MTA, he is updating the security protocols of the MTA, whilst maintaining existing ones.

2. Can you tell us a little about what you are doing? (We might not understand the technicalities, but we’d love details!)

I go to different locations, whether it is Hennery Hudson or Verrazano Bridge Narrows or East New York; I go and inspect their data centers with my team. I install machines for new (permanent) employees. I get to deal with everyone from electricians to contractors to Sr. level project coordinators and get to see how each one of them affects the process of controlling a data center.

3. Is there a particular class or professor at Seidenberg that has helped you prepare specifically for your current internship? (Clearly, we’re all about shout outs this summer!)

Sadly I have not taken any IT or networking courses as of yet, so no teachers helped me get my experience when it comes to this particular job, but Kline, Freddy, Olga, and Hill have always supported me.

4. Does your new office have a favorite restaurant/hangout they go to after work? (No! we’re not going to show up like proud parents!)

We interns go where it is cheap, good, and filling. So, we go to Yips, 18 Beaver St New York, NY 10004.

Artem Karapetyan is an undergrad student at the Seidenberg School, majoring in computer science. He’s known to give quite the bear hug!

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