Brandon Weaver is spending his summer working for Tudor Investment

tudor-investment-corporation-squarelogo1. Who are you working with this summer? (…and what do they do?)

I am working with IT Client Services at Tudor Investment. We handle all front-end and a decent amount of back-end technical issues in the firm

2. Can you tell us a little about what you are doing? (We might not understand the technicalities, but we’d love details!)

We image machines for offices, set up conferences, troubleshoot issues with users, provision phones, etc. Essentially we cover everything technical in the firm.

3. Is there a particular class or professor at Seidenberg that has helped you prepare specifically for your current internship? (Clearly, we’re all about shout outs this summer!)

Professor Courtney provided me the opportunity and coding background for this internship. Professor Frank’s Networking class provided a majority of the knowledge that I use on a regular basis.

Brandon Weaver is a student at our Pleasantville campus, and alongside of classes works as a CS/CIS tutor and supervisor for Educational Media. 

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