Last Lecture in 4 Part Lecture Series to Take Place Wednesday, April 17 featuring Bryan Ennis

This lecture will focus on how Telehealth solutions can improve the quality of health care globally and contribute specifically to improving the healthcare system of the US.  Telehealth involves the use of electronic information and communication technologies to support clinical health care, personal health management, health-related education, and collaboration between health care providers.  Through the use of Telehealth technologies, we can improve patient care, prevent adverse health-related events, reduce costs, reduce time delays, and provide deeper insight to develop curative solutions.  This lecture will include a discussion of the complex regulatory and public policy issues that simultaneously foster and inhibit innovation and delivery to the market, as well as a delineation of the key emerging sub-areas of Telehealth.

The lecture will take place in person and online via Udemy

Where: 163 William Street, 2nd Floor, Room 237

When: 6:00-8:00 PM

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