Disability Film Festival: First-of-Its-Kind at Pace

To honor individuals with disabilities in films, in the national Disability Awareness Month of April, the Seidenberg School held an evening of A Celebration of Individuals with Disabilities in Films: Film Festival and Expert Panelists at Pace.  This first-of-its-kind session at the university featured the best-in-class of films from the disability festival media in the city, and at the session the film highlights were discussed in depth by expert practitioners in the field of disability media representation, focusing on proper representation and the rights of individuals with disabilities in the media.  There were frequent interactions with the attendees of the session on the topics. There were over 150 attendees at the session that included current and former undergraduate and graduate Pace students.  The program was organized by Dr. Jim Lawler of Seidenberg and students in his CIS 102W community engagement courses at the university.



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