The Vision of Spring ’14: The View from Week 1

The first week of Spring semester 2014 has now come and gone, and we all have a better picture of what to expect in the upcoming months of the semester. Around Seidenberg HQ, there is a buzz from students who eagerly anticipate an exciting semester ahead of them.

For example, senior Seidenberg student Valerie Cayo has mentioned her enthusiasm towards her honors thesis, which she is working on alongside of Professor Dwyer, Seidenberg’s Information Technology department chair. Her thesis revolves around game design, and Cayo states she’s just getting started and looks forward to where the project will take her, come May.

(L to R) Derek Li, Josué Vicioso, Valerie Cayo, and Aldous Castello hang out at Seidenberg HQ to work and relax between classes.

Another senior, Aldous Castelo talked about his goals for the semester: finishing stronger than ever, which he thinks is possible with a great first week. He specifically mentioned his goals of working hard in his most challenging, yet most interesting, class, Software Engineering with Prof. Scharff. Derek Li, a senior as well, also spoke of his intent to work hard this semester. He points out that he enjoys the rigor of his classes and the brain work required for each. Li also looks forward to his independent study with Prof Benjamin, who will work with Derek to learn more about artificial intelligence. Adding to the hard working student body, second semester freshman Artem Karapetyan is already putting effort into finding an internship by signing up for the career center‘s workshops that will whip him into shape for interviews and opportunities.

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We also took a moment to talk to Dr. Kline about what he’s looking forward to. Kline eagerly brought up his involvement in the Hudson Valley First Tech Challenge, “an accessible, challenging robotics competition for students of high school age,” (FTC). The Hudson Valley Regional Championship will be held on fast-approaching February 16th, the winners of which will advance through levels, leading to the World Championship to be held in St. Louis, Missouri come April.


The ‘Dark Horse’ of Seidenberg Initiatives

Of Seidenberg’s four initiatives, we often don’t get around to talking about  Distributed Teamsin comparison to how much we talk about the other three. So let’s talk about it.

Distributed Teams, also commonly referred to as ‘Virtual Teams’ or ‘Remote Teams,’ are groups of people who collaborate on one project together, except not all the team members are in one location. Now that the world is becoming more and more connected through the internet, but physically getting from place to place still takes time and money, people are continuously improving ways to work together from a multitude of locations. These locations can be as close as our two Pace campuses, or locations can be dispersed across the world (see: Design Factory).

This method of collaboration is still relatively new, and requires constant TLC, which Seidenberg has been researching and testing through various projects. Seidenberg chooses this field as one of our top four initiatives because it offers students, alumni, and faculty a global experience. Students, alumni, and faculty can all benefit from partnerships with universities around the world, as well as companies who choose to incorporate global perspectives when designing or distributing a product. Distributed Teams as a method of collaboration is rapidly gaining importance in the professional world, and we here at Seidenberg prefer to stay on top of the changes and innovations in the field.


The Counselor Is In!

Starting today the Seidenberg school has our very own Career Counselor. Here is a note from our newest member of the Seidenberg Community.

Happy summer, Seidenbergers!

My name is Ani Lucia, and I am Seidenberg’s shiny new career-counselor-in-residence. I’ll be hanging out with you guys in 163 William a couple times a week to help you with all your career needs – from internship opportunities, resumes, and interview practice, to “Who am I and what the <bleep> do I do with my life?!”

If you haven’t found a summer internship yet, there still are a ton of opportunities available. Shoot me an e-mail ( telling me what type of internship you’re looking for, and I can help connect you with employers.

Starting in the fall, I’ll be giving workshops from time to time that are tailor made to you guys’ and gals’ career interests and needs, so if you have any ideas or topics that you’d like covered, let me know.

Your trusty staff and I are in the process of planning an awesome Welcome Week event, so keep an eye out later in the summer for more news about that!

If you have any questions, need help with anything, or just want to say hi, e-mail me or stop by 163 William between 2pm and 5pm on Mondays and Wednesdays. I’m really looking forward to getting to know you guys!


Andrea “Ani” Lucia, M.S.|Career Counselor|Pace University Career Services||(212)346-1950

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