Remember, Remember, 5 Things for September

In just 5 days the Fall semester here at Pace will begin (as surely you have all realized by now. We hope). As usual, we don’t hesitate to get the motors running with the semester’s start. For example, here are 5 big things already happening in September that we think will fuel your engines for Fall 2014.  […]

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STEM Camp 2014_Seidenberg

Pace University’s STEM Collaboratory Camp 2014

Last month twenty high school students from across the five boroughs embarked on a summer STEM adventure as part of Pace University’s STEM Collaboratory Camp, a collaboration of Pace and AT&T. For two weeks they learned and experimented with coding, robotics, Cybersecurity, Design Thinking and scientific research processes, among other skills. Then, they began to put […]

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Julie Gauthier | Seidenberg

Julie’s spending this summer hacking into New York’s real estate market with RentHackr!

1. You work for Renthackr – any tips for incoming Pace students looking to rent in the fall? USE RENTHACKR! Even just for curiosity’s sake. You can get some insider tips on buildings in the area, see where your Facebook friends live, and get an idea of how expensive rent really is. We also just […]

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Sabiya’s spending her summer interning at IBM, New York.

1. Who are you working with this summer (… and what do they do?) Securing a paid summer internship is easier said than done. Luckily for me, I landed an exceptional opportunity with one of the largest computer companies in the world, IBM. IBM is a multinational technology and consulting corporation that offers a wide range […]

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Cynthia’s spending her summer tracking down cyber-crime for the US Department of Justice.

1. Who are you working with this summer?  I am working for the US Department of Justice in the Criminal Division. Their purpose is to investigate and prosecute crimes on a federal level. 2. Can you tell us a little about what you are doing?  My title is actually fancier than my job. I am […]

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Kalgi’s spending her summer interning at Costco in Seattle!

1. How hectic is your internship at Costco? Are you sleepless in Seattle yet? Seattle is not New York. But, no, I am not having any sleepless nights, though my  internship does take up a lot of my hours from Monday-Friday and some weekends too. I have to stay updated and do a lot of reading with […]

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