Pace University names Dr. Jonathan Hill as the Interim Dean of the Seidenberg School

It is our greatest pleasure to announce that Pace University has named Dr. Jonathan Hill as the Interim Dean for the Seidenberg School of Computer Science and Information Systems. Dr. Hill has been at the roots of this flourishing Seidenberg community for over a decade, and as Dean, we’re sure that his passion and ingenuity […]

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Microcontroller under Electron Microscope

Law enforcement will need to pay millions to tackle full disk encryption

By Dr. Darren Hayes, Director of the Seidenberg Cybersecurity Institute. James Ossipov, Investigator from the Westchester County District Attorney’s Office, returned recently to his alma mater, the Seidenberg School of CSIS, to discuss the future of mobile forensics. Appropriately, Mr. Ossipov returned on Veterans Day; James has a distinguished military career and still continues to […]

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Vinnie Monaco makes Seidenberg history with first PhD in Computer Science

John “Vinnie” Monaco recently made an achievement that is a milestone in Seidenberg School history: he successfully defended his PhD dissertation and became the school’s first ever Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science! We are absolutely delighted with Vinnie’s success and can’t wait to see where his new qualification takes him. Vinnie’s dissertation, “Time Intervals […]

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The Seidenberg School welcomes James Gabberty as Associate Dean

As of November 1, Dr. James Gabberty has assumed the position of Associate Dean at the Seidenberg School. Dr. Gabberty has a wealth of experience that made him the ideal candidate for the position. He will be working to drive more sponsored research and internship opportunities to Seidenberg. He will also be focusing on the […]

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Seidenberg Students Involved in Dark Research

There is a lot of buzz about the Dark Web these days, especially after the highly-publicized take-down of the Silk Road. Concerns about the Dark Web are not just limited to drug markets, illegal arms, sinister hitmen and notorious hackers for sale but impacts our own personal well-being. Companies have been investing heavily in cyber […]

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Experts to talk Threat Intelligence at cybersecurity symposium

On Friday, October 30, 2015, we welcome a panel of renowned experts who will speak about threat intelligence to an audience of more than 100 students who are passionate about cyber security and digital forensics. During the sold-out event, organized by Dr. Darren Hayes, the Director of the Seidenberg Cybersecurity Institute, we will hear from incredible […]

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Thinking about attending the Seidenberg School? Join us for the Undergraduate Open House in NYC

If you missed the Undergraduate Open House in Pleasantville, another opportunity to check out why you should consider Pace is coming up in NYC. The fall Open House will take place on Sunday, November 15, and we are aiming to provide a fantastic experience that showcases what greatness awaits you at Pace University. At the […]

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