James Lawler Receives Fourth Consecutive AHRC Grant

Professor James Lawler recently received his fourth consecutive community service grant from the AHRC New York City – Education Services organization. This grant is for “Catching a Dream,” a program in which Pace University students mentor high school students with developmental and intellectual disabilities at the AHRC New York City Middle/High School in Brooklyn, New York.

Dominique Ulino, a forensic science major in the Dyson School and a student in the program, was recently recognized with the prestigious Melissa Riggio Award for Community Service.in which she was a mentor to higher-functioning (i.e. less impaired) young adults with developmental and intellectual disabilities involved in inclusive courses of study being piloted in the School. Ms. Ulino partnered with the young adults in the preparation of person-centered plans, involving critical thinking and problem-solving skills, through visual storytelling technologies, in the spring semester 2012. Ms. Ulino is the second consecutive student in Dr. Lawler’s program since 2011 to be recognized in downtown New York with this prestigious award for service. Ms. Ulino graduated in May.

For further information on the program, please e-mail lawlerj@aol.com.

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