Seidenberg Professor James Gabberty Writes about Congress and Cybersecurity for ‘The Hill’

“In reality there is no one ‘best way’ to defend against cyber attacks because the path towards safe computing practices that could thwart attacks has been lengthy, evolving and unclear.” Read more

How should congress approach cybersecurity? And how do agencies like the FTC choose which corporations to attack when cybersecurity falters, especially when there are so few solid legal codes in place? Another of Prof. James Gabberty’s articles on the topic has been published on “The Hill’s” Congress blog; this article specifically discusses the FTC’s lawsuit against Wyndham and the resulting call to policy scrutiny. Gabberty continually publishes articles for “The Hill” and is an active part of the conversation that surrounds congress’ role in cybersecurity. His article from February, available here, also considers politics and information security.

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