Seidenberg Survival Strategies for Freshmen: Part 2

In case you missed Part 1 of our Survival guide, have no fear. You can find it here.
If you’re still anxious about starting college, and need more survival strategies, please help yourself to the next few tips for an excellent start to your college career.

3. F I N D   S U P P O R T I V E   F R I E N D S

One of the most stress inducing factors of starting over in a new place is finding the right friends. In college, however, friends come easily enough in the first few weeks. You’ll always find someone to partner up with while no one knows anyone else. These friendships can be helpful for getting you through the first few weeks, but once everyone starts settling into their niches, those friends might not hang around for one reason or another. Instead of counting on those first-week-friends, how about finding friends who you really connect with instead. These will be the fellows whose company you will continue to enjoy throughout your college career. Choosing wisely can be easier than you think.

To find the people you really connect with, seek those within your major or join clubs, teams, or organizations that you’re enthusiastic about. Start a conversation after one of your first classes about something that came up in class. This will give you a nice break from the usual ‘Where ya from? What’s your major? What classes are ya taking?’ After that, if you both have a free hour or so, grab some food together and make plans to meet up before the next class. Easy.

For those of you who are incoming Seidenbergers, come hang out in the lounge at 163 Williams St (2nd floor). There is always a group of students in the lounge playing games, hanging out, or working on projects. It’s a great way to ease in to the Seidenberg community. Even better, doing this will help you with tip #2, as many of the Seidenberg faculty members interact with the students who hang out in the lounge. You’ll inevitably get to know most of the faculty and students as you spend more time at 163. Easy!

4. G E T   TO   K N O W   N Y C

The big city can be severely overwhelming for the many students who have not grown up in and around it. The only way to get over the whelm is to explore. Initially, it’ll feel expensive, which it is if you don’t know where to go. It can be a lot of fun to go out and walk around without an agenda to find tiny unheard of cafes, boutiques, street performers, or anything else you can think of because NYC has everything you can think of. Obviously, the main tourist spots might hold some attraction for first timers, but going out into the lesser known areas of the city can reveal a whole new side to the culture around you. There are dozens of parks that aren’t Central Park, there are dozens of squares that aren’t Times Square. Each location comes with a unique quality that can’t be found elsewhere. Also, remember that Manhattan is not the only borough in NYC. The other boroughs are rich with things to do that you would never think of if you stay in Manhattan. There’s a lot to do in the city; sometimes it feels like too much. If you can’t think of any one thing to do, don’t be afraid to simplify your experience. You can get a lot out of NYC just by people watching or riding a bike around town.

Aside from wandering around and coming across different things in the city at random, Pace has many events that will cater to your exploratory needs as a freshman. Welcome Week offers a host of events for a low price (if not for free) and here at Seidenberg we are involved in a great deal of things that offer cool opportunities for tours and/or visits of start ups or large companies. Being actively involved in these events is a great way to get to know the nitty-gritty of NYC. These events can introduce you to NYC companies and people that can add to your education and help shape your path towards whichever type of New Yorker you’re trying to be.

 The third and final part of Seidenberg’s Survival Strategies will be up next week!  Until then, process and begin to embody the tips you’ve been given!

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