PCAP CyberSecurity Workshop Tomorrow

iphone_forensics_580x1Tomorrow, at Pace’s White Plains campus, the CSIS program will be having a community college outreach event. The event will take place at the Graduate Center (1 Martine Ave) in rooms 430 A and B starting at 10am.

The workshop will begin with an overview of the Information Assurance program and a discussion of Cybersecurity Awareness, including information on careers and scholarships in the Cybersecurity field, especially in reference to programs (of both undergraduate and graduate levels) available at Pace.

Dr. Darren Hayes will also be speaking at the event to share his knowledge and research in Mobile Forensics, which is something he’s been a leading expert on for many years. Not only will this event relate to the technological fields of Computer Sciences and Information Technology, but fields such as Criminal Justice as well.

Along with Mobile Forensics and programs offered, Professor Li-Chou Chen will be discussing Data Privacy and Security on the Web. This discourse will look at the daily activities of an every-day life online and how personal and shared data is handled in terms of security. How many people actually read the entirety of a website’s Privacy Policy? Few people read it all the way through (unless it’s to find the jokes in certain policies — Tumblr’s, for example, which can be worth the read). Beyond this, Prof. Chen will take attendees to a deeper level in Web Security, looking at privacy information as it hides in data.

The concluding topic is to focus on Biometrics, led by Dr. Chuck Tappert, whom many cite for his research on Keystroke Biometrics and Iris Biometrics, to name a few.

The workshop will serve as an introduction to the related fields of study, and anyone who is interested in furthering their knowledge and research on such topics can apply to the PCAP Student Summer Research program.

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