Hand on Technology Day Workshops, Part 2

The Hands on Technology Day Workshops (HOT Workshops) was back for round two on November 15th with new workshops. This time high school students attended workshops about Cyber Security, taught by Dr. Li-Chiou Chen and graduate student Jonathan Lee, and creating Apps, taught by Dr. Lixin Tao. In Dr. Li-Chiou Chen’s and Jonathan Lee’s workshop, participants did hands-on lab exercises that explored software and methods to achieve online security. In Dr. Lixin Tao’s workshop, participants built three android apps and learned the main principles behind the latest computing technologies including cloud and mobile computing.

Once again, we got a lot of wonderful feedback back, and all participants enjoyed the hands-on experience! We would like to thank all who helped out both in the workshops and behind the scenes. We would like to thank Tristan Pagliari, Justin Santore, and Kaitlin Elliott from the Pace University admissions office for being at our event. From the Seidenberg School, we would like to thank Prof. Li-Chiou Chen, Prof. Lixin Tao, Prof. Mary Courtney, Dr. Jean F. Coppola, Dr. Bernice J. Houle, Lynne E. Larkin, Elizabeth Foster, Nancy M. Treuer, Ronald G. Williams, Anthony Martini, Jonathan Lee, Patrick Prescott, Kaila Marie Letteri, Keke Gai, Mohammad Vahidalizadehdizaj and Matthew Poli.

Here are some pictures from the event:

HOT event 4 HOT event 3 HOT event 2 HOT event

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