Hana is spending her summer interning at Varick Media Management

image21. Who are you working with this summer? (…and what do they do?)

This summer I am working with Varick Media Management. Varick is an adtech company specializing in programmatic advertising.

2. Can you tell us a little about what you are doing? (We might not understand the technicalities, but we’d love details!)

I’m an intern for the Engineering team as well as the Trading team and Data Science team, and I get the best of three worlds! I am given the opportunity to be a part of all aspects of campaign deployment, as well as building on Varick’s campaign management software, Alveo. I’m using a whole variety of languages and tools this summer, including Java, Spring framework, JavaScript, Angular.js, MySQL and R.

Hana and Ethan Garrison striking a pose at Varick MM.
Hana and Ethan Garrison striking a pose at Varick MM.

3. Is there a particular class or professor at Seidenberg that has helped you prepare specifically for your current internship? (Clearly, we’re all about shout outs this summer!)

A fellow Seidenberg student, Ethan Garrison, has introduced me to Varick MM and opened my mind to this industry.

4. What are some of your favorite perks in your new office? (No, we’re not going to show up like proud parents!)

There is delicious food every now and again at the office! Lots and lots of snacks 😀

Hana Stanojkovic is a rising junior in the Seidenberg School, studying Computer Science. She also has a knack for photography and cooking that she loves showing off on her Instagram!


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