Pace University’s STEM Collaboratory Camp 2014

pace-university-stem-campLast month twenty high school students from across the five boroughs embarked on a summer STEM adventure as part of Pace University’s STEM Collaboratory Camp, a collaboration of Pace and AT&T. For two weeks they learned and experimented with coding, robotics, Cybersecurity, Design Thinking and scientific research processes, among other skills. Then, they began to put their skills to work.

STEM Camp 2014_Seidenberg
On August 1st, 2014 the camp culminated with students formally presenting their very own Cybersecurity mobile apps. 

Special guests included Elizabeth Segal from AT&T, Kelli Kedis Ogborn from DARPA Legislative Affairs – Spire Communications, and Brook Gesser from U.S. Senator Kirsten Gillibrand’s Office.

Members of the media were invited to attend the graduation reception.

To view the work done by each team, simply click on the links below.

Team Cybot comprising of Jacob Sadeh, Lary Toyter, Maryia Spirydonava, and Mariah Torcivia presented their app,  Cyber Triv — an app that raises awareness about Cybersecurity.

Team Cybot | STEM Camp '14 | Seidenberg

Team FoCS (aka FOX), comprising of Nicholas Austin, Sole Stewart, Loreen Chan, and Christopher Boyce, created WE-FE — an app that allows you to monitor who’s on your Wi-Fi and take appropriate action. 

Team FoCS | STEM Camp| Seidenberg 

Team Rocket, comprising of Kemar Dudley, David Lebron, Summer Carrio, and Dishan Win, created the app Secure-IT — an app that shows you just how secure you are online.

Team Rocket | STEM Camp '14 | Seidenberg

Team Phisher comprising of Iya Hawkins, Anthony Agbofoati, Anastasiya Malinouskaya, Jeremy End invented Phisher — an app that allows you find all your old posts … and have a good long think!

Team Phisher | STEM Camp '14 | Seidenberg

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Suhail Bhandari 

Seidenberg Students Win At AT&T Mobile App Social Good Hackathon

21 teams competed in the 36-hour app development competition and two of the teams that won were Seidenberg students.

21 teams competed in the 36-hour app development competition and two of the teams that won were Seidenberg students. This special edition of AT&T Mobile App Hackathon, produced by the AT&T Developer Program in coordination with the Social Good Summit, focused on building the next great mobile app for Social Good. It was held at Kaufmann Concert Hall during the weekend of September 22- 23.

Michael Cornell and his team, placed 1st for his app “Poll It Together,” which is a cross platform app using technology to leverage the android only s-pen SDK over a jquery app. The app is a similar to 4 Square but in addition to checking in you can instantly vote at location relevant polls.

Stiliyan Lazarov, who was “inspired and humbled by the creativity, energy, flow and all the wonderful concepts that came to life” and Miguel Toimil placed 3rd with their game “Droid Wars.”

More information on the hackathon can be found at :

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