Dean Gupta Owes Everyone on This List a High-5


We think it’s healthy to give a quick shout out to all you students (New York campus and Pleasantville) who made it onto the Fall 2013  Dean’s List from your hard work last semester. Congratulations — and thank you for all the hard work you put forth in your studies — you’ve earned this honor!

“This honor is reserved for the highest achieving students at Pace who exemplify excellence in the attainment of their educational goals.”

Dean’s List First Honors
Wassim K Abedrabbo Marc A Kowtko
Ariana N Abramson George M Kulakis
Michael A Ang Stephen A LaVigna
Julien Attick Katherine M Mcguire
Shannon A Bernard Dheer M Mirchandani
Michael F Bloom Cayman C Mitchell
Ryan J Campbell Shannon T Pace
Daniel Celikoyar Joao M Pinto
Kevin Cheng Douglas J Pope
Michael D Conte Francisco J Rojas
Christopher Curanaj Aamir A Shah
Erik F Duran Derek R Slayton
Kyle S Eng Christopher Snow
Kevin Gonzalez Nick F Terrasi
Alfred W Grossklaus Mayrimar A Vega-Vazquez
Joseph M Jacob Robert Wilkinson
Hassan A Joseph Siobhan D Wilmot-Dunbar
Douglas A Kandl Emil A Zahariev
Dean’s List Second Honors
Chrystelle C Atok Kyle O Lue
Crystal D Boatright Matthew J Michael
Anthony T Bonifacio Jesse Rahman
Nida A Butt Chris Sakai
John P Capalbo Patrick Samtani
Rebecca A Cuebas Cynthia Shaw
Matthew P Desimini Joshua P Shor
Aren B Douglass Christopher J St Fleur
Richard M Eng Gary A Stewart
Xing Fang Daniel R Walker
Emilio A Feliciano Donald D Webster
Ethan K Garrison Wayne R Williams
Ali A Hajihaidari Christina M Yamagata
Julian Hernandez Kristopher C Yang
Joel A Lebron Martin A Zahariev
Derek Li Richard Zhao
Dean’s List Third Honors
Sabiya Bacchus Kevin M Ng
Michael A Brown Zachary L Oneal
Xavier C Carlson Nelson V Schoenbrot
Steven D Cassidy Daniel A Schreiber
Malik M Davis Daniel M Sim
Luis H Flores Hana Stanojkovic
Christian T Francisque Chabiraj Sukhu
Shawn C Gross Josue F Vicioso
Stefan G Howansky David J Wallach
Wei Huang Brandon S Weaver
Alexander Mei Brian Wu
Cynthia Mikulecky   
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