Eiman Ahmed continues Seidenberg’s DS3 legacy at Microsoft

Eiman Ahmed 1. Who are you working with this summer? (…and what do they do?)

I am a student at Microsoft Research’s Data Science Summer School. Otherwise known as DS3, this program’s initiative is to introduce and teach college students how to acquire, clean, and utilize real data for research purposes.

2. Can you tell us a little about what you are doing? (We might not understand the technicalities, but we’d love details!)

My team and I (we call ourselves the “Subway Surfers”) are using the MTA’s subway/turnstile data to compute a network flow of New York City to make better predictions and assist social projects like “Stop-and-Frisk” by providing them with information as to how many people (estimated) are at any given place in New York City at any given time.

3. Is there a particular class, peer, or professor at Seidenberg that has helped you prepare specifically for your current internship? (Clearly, we’re all about shout outs this summer!)

Briana Vecchione, a Seidenberg student (and an amazing friend) introduced me to this program! She was a part of DS3 last year (the first year the program took place) and worked on the “Self-Balancing Bikes” project.

4. Does your new office have a favorite restaurant/hangout they go to after work? (No! we’re not going to show up like proud parents!)

Every Tuesday the researchers here get together to discuss a project that they are working on at around noon – (this is known as “Tea Time”). Though the students and I don’t particularly have a favorite restaurant/hangout, we do like to tune into some of the Tea Talk sessions that occur.

Microsoft Presentation
Eiman and her DS3 team after presenting their work on August 6th.

Eiman Ahmed is going into her sophomore year of undergrad, earning her BS in Computer Science.

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