Spotlight On: MS in Enterprise Analytics

MSanalyticsIconThe MS in Enterprise Analytics is the newest degree offered by the Seidenberg School, having kicked off for the Fall ’15 semester. The program is set to train┬ástudents in data analysis for making business decisions. Students will combine mathematical and systematic reasoning to apply data analysis to business operation.

The skills learned through the program are exceptionally useful in today’s business world, where many decisions are made every day that can profoundly impact the business and its environment in good or bad ways. Utilizing analytics is a useful way to predict the outcomes of different decisions, meaning the data can be used to support or discourage various courses of action. When the stakes are high, data analysts are the ones who have the knowledge to provide reliable recommendations.

Students taking the MS in Enterprise Analytics will gain a particular mastery in the analysis of non-traditional data sets. These could include big, real-time, audio-video, unstructured, and natural-language based data. These types of data, so critical for businesses to understand, typically cannot be analyzed by common personal-computer based programs like Excel, Minitab, and SPSS. Enterprise Analytics will give you the skills necessary to analyze the more complex data that defines our world today.

Some of the classes in the 2 year, 30-credit program:

  • Data and text mining
  • Big data warehousing
  • Enterprise intelligence
  • Real-time image processing of security video
  • Application of Big data analytics in supply chain optimization
  • Application of Big data analytics in enterprise process optimization.

For more information about this exciting new opportunity at Seidenberg, contact us!

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