Live From New York, It’s Pace Path!

Selfies Galore

The long-anticipated event #PacePathLive has just blown through campus on this brisk Saturday afternoon. We had an awesome turnout of panelists and participants, making the event well worth the trek, so early in the morning.

It was a great day to hang out with some of our favorite alumni, like Matthew Knell (’00, of and Alex Quick (’11, of AppFigures) and to meet a variety of people in media and development fields, such as Marissa Lerer (of Compose(d) Creative), Masha Murakhovsky (of 360i), and so many more.

Panelists spent the afternoon describing all sorts of things, from splitting time between professional and personal Twitter accounts, to how to protect your own brand, to the differences between working corporate versus start up jobs in the tech field. They all shared stories of their work lives and internet lives, answered questions from the participants, and took selfies galore, of course, (#SeidenbergSelfie).

While there’s no way to recreate the event for those who couldn’t make it (we truly hope your Saturday Sleep-In was well worth missing out). What we do have are some SketchNotes that offer a touch of insight to the event’s proceedings. [click images for full size]Anya Rosentreter SketchNotesAnya Rosentreter SketchNotes 2

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