Meet Matt Brown, our new advisor in NYC!

A big welcome to our newest academic advisor, Matt Brown, who is waiting to meet you at our NYC campus!

Although new to Seidenberg, Matt has been with Pace University for four years. He’s no stranger to advising, though – he was previously an academic advisor for the Challenge to Achievement at Pace (CAP) Program in the Center for Academic Excellence (CAE), where he advised first-year students of all majors and supported them during their transition to the Pace community. In the past, he also instructed University 101, worked with peer leaders, and led CAP’s peer mentoring program.

We caught up with Matt to ask him about how he ended up lucking out and getting a job at the best technology school ever. Here’s what he had to say!

So, why Seidenberg?

I wanted to become an advisor for Seidenberg because of its reputation of being an active community. Not only do I enjoy advising, but I appreciate being a part of a community that collaborates, supports one another, and strives to be the best version of itself. I sensed those qualities here.

How’re you finding it so far?

I’m finding that Seidenberg lives up to its reputation.  Everyone I’ve met has been very welcoming and you can always find students in the lounge. There are a lot of events being hosted to educate and connect everyone. Seidenberg also offers awesome resources to our students.

What are you looking forward to doing here?

I’m looking forward to connecting with and learning from the Seidenberg community, especially our students, and supporting them while they try to get the most out of their time at Pace. Also, I heard there’s some cool things happening within the student organizations and on the 10th floor.

Matt is correct, there ARE cool things happening with student orgs (like the newly official Pace Women in Tech club) and at the Applied Data and Networking Sciences lab on the 10th floor!

We are so happy to have Matt working with us at Seidenberg and look forward to his work with our students as they navigate their university careers.

Once again, welcome Matt!

Welcome Back, Students!

Who’s ready for Spring 2014?! We here at Seidenberg hope you have all had the most enjoyable holiday break, but maybe by now you’re feeling the itch to get back into the swing of the semester and to get started on all those projects you have in mind, eh? We’d like to welcome all the beginning-of-the-semester initiatives anyone may have, and urge you to carry that gusto with you all the way through the spring until it feels so normal that you never lack in productivity again. That’s always the goal, ain’t it? Here are a few things to expect for the upcoming months that are specifically geared towards making this semester a successful one.

Make this your first goal of the semester if you’ve got nothing else.

First off, the wifi! Yes, Seidenberg HQ finally, finally, has the new PACE-WIRELESS wifi system, so good riddance to the dark, wifi-less corners at HQ that only SEEMED like great places to crack down on work. From now on those corners will support your endeavors with reliable wifi, as will the rest of our space here on William St.–hallelujah!

Next, a few shout outs to classes that will be available and a reminder that it’s not too late to register; Prof Linda Jo Calloway will be teaching a course that focuses on ways that new web media interact with content, which is critical to understand when designing for the web. The course is writing enhanced and still has spots available, so grab yours before it’s too late! Full course info is available via Schedule Explorer using CIT 335 and CRN# 21931 as references. Another class worth mentioning is Prof Dwyer’s interdisciplinary course on CIS and Surveillance in society. This class is the required CIS101 course paired with Film Studies, which work together for a unique approach to computing. The class has ONE more spot available, so don’t dilly-dally! (INT198h, CRN# 23188)

Lastly, we’d like to extend a warm welcome to all new grad students joining us for the first time this semester!

It’s been a quiet month of holidays, but we’re ready for the semester to start! We’ll be seeing you around shortly, and until then, keep checking in for other bits of news and stay safe in this snowy weather!

[Edit: previously mentioned deadline for DoD scholarships has been redacted due to changes in the scholarship availability. Those who currently receive aid from DoD will not be affected, but new applications are currently not accepted.]

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