New Class of Seidenberg Scholars Pleased with College Life

As the Seidenberg Scholars Program enters its 5th year, the school welcomes five outstanding 1st year students into its ranks. They include Brooke Ribelin from Linwood, NC; Michael Cornell from Fishkill, NY; Julie Gauthier from Amston, CT; Cayman Mitchell from Rowlett, TX; and Wayne Williams from Brooklyn, NY.

Brooke, Michael and Julie all became familiar with the Seidenberg School’s programs and its supportive community as well as life in the “Big Apple” while participating in the 2010 Seidenberg Scholar Summer Experience prior to entering their senior year of high school. Judging from their comments, they see more than satisfied with their choice of college.

In order to determine how well the new Scholars were faring, we sent them a brief questionnaire. Judging from their responses, they appear to be faring quite well.

Q: What made you come to Pace to study computing?
A: “I’m in love with the city and the school, and the people in them.”

“I decided on Pace after spending some time at the Seidenberg Summer Scholars Program during my summer before my senior year.  I was completely sold on it when I got to witness it in action during the November “reunion” of the summer scholars. I loved the feeling not only of the Seidenberg community, but also of the larger Pace community as well. It’s far more diverse and far more accepting than it is in the town that I came from. I sat in on a couple computer science classes last fall, and saw how much I could learn, and got an idea of what the work load might be like. It all felt very comfortable to me.”

Q: Now that you are here, what are your initial impressions?
A: “Everything is thrilling and great.  Sure, I have complaints, but most of them are banal things like lines at the café and noisy neighbors.”

“My impressions have held up. I feel very much a part of the Seidenberg community, and have enjoyed the company of fellow classmates in my residence hall. The classes at the Seidenberg School are just like those I experienced last fall: interesting and easy to understand. The community here makes me feel a lot more secure than in my old high school. Also, oddly enough, the few former freshmen I spent some down-time with during the reunion last fall have become some of my good friends. Most of my other friends are from the computer science program. Overall, I’ve been very happy with everything at Pace and in NYC. It’s been fun, but I also feel that I’ve accomplished a lot already.”

Q: Do you have a favorite class?
A: “Math 113 – have never loved math as much as this! It is my “fav.” Professor Skevoulis’s enthusiasm is contagious.”

“I can’t quite narrow it down to a favorite class. I very much enjoy my two computer science courses and especially Digital Design/Painting which is taught as a learning community.”

Q: Do you have a good idea of what you might want to do when you graduate?
A: “I want to be an entrepreneur!”

“I am fairly certain I would like to program. I would be willing to explore Web design, but I know for sure I’d like to have a programming career in NYC.”

Q: Is there anything else you would like to say about yourself or your college experience so far?
A: “I really appreciate everything that everyone in the Seidenberg School has done for me. Dr. Hill was terrific for reaching out to me and the other Seidenberg Scholars. I feel fortunate to have been invited to participate in the Seidenberg Summer Scholars Program that introduced me to the school.”