SICI Computer Forensics Workshop a Big Success

At the request of the Seidenberg Institute for Computing Innovation (SICI), a newly established faculty development organization, Professor Darren Hayes organized a day-long workshop to teach practical skills in the burgeoning field of computer forensics to Pace faculty and students as well as invited faculty from other institutions.  The workshop, which featured presentations by law enforcement experts, Hayes, and a specialist in forensic software tools, was well-attended and exceptionally well-received.

Hayes opened the workshop with an introduction to the world of forensics and provided insight into how people continually leave a digital footprint that both investigators and criminals can track. In an effort to provide more enhanced training, Hayes arranged for world-renowned Mac forensics expert, Investigator Ryan Kubasiak, NY State Police, to speak to the attendees about this emerging field of science.  The audience was enthralled with the practical application of his knowledge to a notorious homicide case.  Kubasiak was followed by FBI Special Agent Albert Murray III who made an exciting presentation on a significant take-down of a multi-million dollar criminal ring which stretched from the U.S. to Eastern Europe.

Hayes emphasized that the use of forensic software tools is key to scientifically acquiring and analyzing digital evidence.  In order to drive home this point, he arranged for Ken Warren, from AccessData, to make a presentation on Forensic Toolkit (FTK) software tools in which he introduced concepts like “file carving” and “e-mail parsing.”

Hayes concluded the day with a discussion on mobile forensics and also demonstrated the equipment used in his computer forensics laboratory.

At the end of the day, all participants received workshop materials, teaching materials for their classes, and a CD containing a wide range of forensic tools.